Work the quads with your squad …

So, this is happening.

Dayton OK’s mobile alcohol establishments
I’m still trying to decide how I feel about the idea. Certainly in the right environment (and weather) this seems like a light-hearted and colorful way to add a bit of additional character to an entertainment district or tourist area.
Although apparently it is another in the long line of “amazing franchise opportunities” out there, color me somewhat skeptical that it will make for a viable business model in Ohio. Anyone for the Pedal Pub in January?  Anyone?
Most of them seem to be serving beer, but most likely the product depends on both the local liquor permits as well as the economics of the individual owner. I guess for me the prospect of having to work out (even a little) while I am also drinking is enough to tip the scales against the idea. I like to keep my feet on the bar rail. If anyone has tried one of these out, let me know!

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