Battle looms …

In about a month, Dayton’s own Buckeye Vodka will be hosting its Fourth Annual Battle. Rumor has it the competition will continue to come into it’s own, and there should be a great field of competitors. Of course, yours truly will be there … our entry cocktail being a closely-guarded secret, of course.
This competition is a drink recipe contest … naturally there are many other types of competition (speed, flair, etc.). When original drinks are the focus, it brings to the fore one of my personal favorite subjects:



A good drink is a well-balanced drink … whether it is a beer, wine, spirit, or cocktail. As Mr. Myagi says: “lesson not just for karate only – lesson for whole life.”  Oh, Pat, where are you when we need you?
A respectful bow to all the worthy competitors. Be like water.

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